100% Coffee Arabica, grown in the Highlands of Jos Plateau

 Kim’s coffee delivers a special and unique handcraft coffee roast to Nigerians. We have been able to manage from  growing one coffee tree to over 15,000 in the last five years.

Made by industry

Our coffee farmers and roasters are dedicated, skilled and passionate individuals

working hard to deliver coffee products of the highest quality

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For you, we know it's about the taste and the aroma, and for us, it's everything in-between. Every batch of our product is a result of this relationship, when we roast our beans, we think about you so while you sip our coffee, we are sure you think about us.


With over 15,000 trees, we have grown a successful farming model for coffee on a large scale. We have been able to also grow healthier trees while empowering the community through our cooperative for farmers.


We are willing to share our expertise in farming to help other potential farmers set up from the nursery to mature trees. We also share our agronomic practices for growing coffee to help farmers maximize their time and resources on the farm. Finally, we help farmers market and seek potentials from their farms and products.

Harvested from the rich organic soil & craft-roasted to the finest quality.

Our product offers a unique test and aroma with no artificial additives that is sure to satisfy your palate and put a smile on your face.

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